Helping those who help others...

We provide the following services:

  • Creole immersion classes for foreigners and english classes for the Haitian youth
  • Translation (Creole, English, French)
  • Research assistance (interviewing, collecting samples, cultural help)
  • Guiding (logistics and content for cultural and environmental knowledge)
  • Transportation assistance (renting cars, transportation from airport, drivers, etc)
  • Lodging assistance (finding affordable, safe, and comfortable housing)
  • Tourism (historic, unique, and often unexplored sites and activities)
  • Connecting and promoting efficient and effective communication between partnerships and organizations
  • Help with valuable contacts and resources in a variety of fields and locations
  • And so much more!

Haiti Design

Offering custom solutions to make the most of your visit to Haiti

Haiti Translation Services

Planning a visit to Haiti? Need 24 hr translator to help navigate our beautiful country and people?

Teach Creole and English Classes

Providing English and Creole classes to our youth in Haiti and our visitors from other countries