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Help Us change futures in Haiti

Happy Haitian Productions Institute (HHP Institute) is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching Haitian students English, for a minimal fee. Fluency in English will help the young people of our community achieve their dreams through increased career and educational opportunities. Along with English education, HHP has also helped many foreign companies and missionaries with logistics, cultural guiding, and translation services throughout Haiti.

Since 2013, we at HHP have been volunteering our time and effort to provide free English education. We understand that teaching young people English will open doors to their future because English-speaking youth have a wealth of educational and job opportunities in Haiti and abroad. Through our HHP grassroots organization, our students can then find employment as English teachers, translators, and interpreters. Completion of the program will also allow them to join the HHP team and continue our work.

Students are placed at the appropriate levels of their language skills that are assessed by HHP Institute staff through standardized English testing. A full program of courses includes formal instruction using the Oxford Press Step Forward textbook series covering reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking, as well as conversational time via Skype with remote teachers using the comprehensible input method. Students are tested for proficiency at the end of each academic class at each level.

After much local enthusiasm and support, we are looking for donations to help us to pay for our ongoing expenses such as local teachers’ salaries, rent, electricity, Internet access, handouts, and supplies. Most of the students do not have the economic means to pay for education, so it will be important to keep the services free or at a minimal cost.

Your help and donations will be much appreciated and allow us to continue our program for the benefit of the young people in Haiti. Covering the $750 monthly cost to run the institute, one of the 1-time costs, or a $100/student/term scholarship will go a long way. No donation is too small.

Thank you for supporting the students of Haiti through the HHP Institute.



Please have a look our budget costs in the tablebelow:

In addition, there are some ongoing 1-time costs we need:

1.$1700 solar panels, batteries and inverter to allow school classes to continue during the frequent power outages in Hinche.

2.$1500 Step Forward 1/2/3 text books that will be reused each term and new work books for students to use.

3.$900 for tables, chairs and white boards

2017 Annual cost

 Expensise  Quantity  Unite Price  Monthly  Annual 
 Teacher salery  3 $ 160.00 $480.00 $5,760.00
 Rent  1 $300.00 $300.00 $3,600.00
 Internet 1 $99.00 $900.00 $1,188.00
 Supplies  1 $30.00 $30.00 $360.00
Annual Total  $909.00 $10,908.00