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Teaching English to the Haitian Youth

Ernso Sylvain formed his “Happy Haitian Production (HHP)” organization to assist both locals and foreigners with translation services, logistics, and cultural guiding throughout Haiti. He is now expanding the English Institute in Hinche, Haiti to provide a range of English speaking and writing instruction with local and remote English teachers.

English Classes

Ernso believes that speaking English can help young people, adults and kids in Haiti to achieve their dreams through increased job and education opportunities. Students will be placed in appropriate levels of their language skills that are assessed by HHP Institute staff through an English standardized testing. A full program of courses consists of 576 hours- 96 hours per term of instructions, including conversational hours, computer lab, and formal instruction in reading, writing, grammar, and listening/speaking. Students are tested for proficiency in each academic class at each level.

Most of the students do not have the economic standing to pay for education, so it will be important to keep the services free or at a minimal cost. After graduating from the program, students possibly could continue their education abroad, or work as English teachers, translators, and interpreters to earn money to take care of their families. Students may find employment through the HHP grassroots organization, or become part of the HHP team when they finish the training course.

In addition to the four levels of study: beginner, low intermediate, high intermediate and advanced; the program includes two labs which focus on academic vocabulary and American life and culture:

  • Conversation Partners Lab meet for 1 hour 15 minutes twice a week for 22 sessions and incorporate practice on skills from all academic areas.
  • American Language and Culture Lab (Saturday Lab) meet three times a semester for 1 hour 15 each; these labs could use analysis of American television programs to strengthen language skills and illustrate aspects of American culture.