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Teaching Haitian Creole to Foreigners

Greetings from Haiti! We are Happy Haitian Productions Institute (HHP), a grassroots organization dedicated to teaching Haitian Creole to foreigners at reasonable costs. Learning foreign languages opens up new ways of experiencing foreign cultures as well as experiencing ways native speakers communicate and live. In fact, we would like to offer emersion Creole learning opportunities to foreigners from diverse cultures and countries in the world to rapidly learn Creole in a short time period of time. Tuition for the program will support local teachers’ salary, lodging and logistics.

Creole Classes

We at HHP have been volunteering our time and effort to provide free English education for Haitian youth since 2013. Over this time, we have realized the need for an emersion Creole program for foreigners who would like to communicate effectively and fluently in Creole as well as to break language and culture barriers. Teaching Creole to foreigners will break many obstacles between Haitians and foreigners when working together on projects or visiting Haiti and communicating with Haitian immigrants in the U.S. and abroad. To accomplish this, our program will include: Creole class, touristic visits to natural and historic attractions and experiencing genuine Haitian culture through consistent interactions with Haitian families. Our students will be hosted by selected families in Hinche based on an agreement between the board of the Institute and local partners (families).

Our main goal is to introduce our students to both the spoken and written language to ultimately achieve conversational proficiency. The course emphasizes grammar, oral expression, and listening comprehension, and designed to give beginning students a practical command of the language. Upon completion of each term, students can expect to be able to speak creole with a sufficient vocabulary to participate in everyday conversation, and to gain the reading skills necessary and write a simple letter, email, or text.

Since communication in a foreign language requires an understanding of the cultural context, our staff aims to teach you the living language through carefully selected textbooks, newspaper and magazine articles, and other relevant materials. This goes beyond the typical method of having memorizing tourist phrases. Our teachers will provide suggestions for texts and supplementary materials the beginning and end of a term.

In addition, our students will be offered the opportunity to help with the continuation of the program by offering suggestions for improving logistic or designing other educational projects. Participants can also empower high school students and children of the community through visits to the countryside.

Emersion Creole Program Costs:

Course Lengths

Tuition cost

Lodging + meal cost

Term Total

3 weeks




4 weeks




3 months




6 months